With the changing of time, comes the changing of technology. One of the most loved evolution.  Which obviously has its merits but we are all aware of the demerits it brings as well. The most common problem among all the others is the confusion between real, fake and if the amount of likes are ever enough.

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In a time where it has become difficult to differentiate between what is true and what is not, people have been falling into a trap of what is commonly known as social media. I assure you it has its advantages, but I can guarantee you its disadvantage are far more numerous. Comparing ourselves to people online based on a number from people we can’t guarantee are even real.

  • Real or Fake

Instagram followers are the most important aspect of Instagram, without which it’s pointless to post. But the real question is if they are any real?  Bots are one of the easily replaceable counters of humans, especially on the internet and people have been buying into the idea of fake followers. Yes, you heard me right.  People literally buy Instagram followers. When numbers on a screen decide to tell you what is of a value and what’s not, you come to know you’ve fallen in the trap of social media. Numbers shouldn’t define a person. A human is lot more complex than merely a count of ones and twos

  • Peer pressure

Peer pressure, which can be roughly translated to ‘influence of one’s peer group on oneself’. It is one of the most common phase I’m sure everyone goes through at least once in their life. The main reason why everyone is falling into the trap of fake followers is peer pressure.  Teens are pressurized into having a larger audience i.e. “followers”, as it apparently makes you “cooler”. Everyone seems to have lost a grip over reality. Is this all that’s left of what makes us a humans?



Technology brought many changes with it and many have proved to be harmful. The question remains, are Instagram followers ever enough? Greed and validation are the root cause that brings a man to his knees. I feel as a society, it is the need to remind ourselves if it is really worth stressing over a number on a screen we don’t even know is real?